The Book


“Joshua Chiang can’t fool me. This is the product of one who has watched too many cartoons and is still playing with his imaginary friends. His characters have been around long before their lines and colours are pressed onto a page. Their endearing, vivid expressions are those of his soul at its various stages of growth and inquiry. Trackless Paths is a delightful rest house between innocence and experience, listening and applying, on this lonely journey of life we share.”

— Gwee Li Sui
Writer, literary critic, graphic artist

The book (also known as “Trackless Paths”)  contains 36 illustrations hand-drawn in pencils and then painted over with digital watercolor brushes. Every illustration is accompanied by the wisdom quote which inspired it, as well as my notes and reflections about each of them.

The book is 84 pages long, and is printed on matt art paper.

It is on sale at Select Books and Kinokuniya in Singapore.  It is also available online here and here.

Other details- 

ISBN : 978-981-07-4748-0


PRICE : SGD$15.00 ($16.05 with GST)

BOOK SIZE : 215mm x 150mm


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