Seeking words of wisdom – a review of Trackless Paths by The Advisor

The following is an extract from a review of my book in the weekly Phnom Penh arts and entertainment newspaper The Advisor. The book is now being sold at Monument Books Phnom Penh.547497_558181487581924_1422018937_n

“Drawing is my livelihood; nature my refuge, culture and history my addiction, and spirituality a way to make sense of it all.” – Joshua Chiang

A tusked elephant in billowing saffron robes dances lightly atop blades of emerald-green grass, small raccoon-like pilgrim trailing doggedly in its wake. Floating on a white page behind these watercolour animal characters are the musings of Buddha himself: “The path of the enlightened one leaves no track – it is like the path of birds in the sky.”

Joshua Chiang, a self-taught illustrator/scriptwriter from Singapore “who happens to also love the Great Outdoors and finding out about our true purpose in life”, has chosen an unusual vessel for elements of existentialism. In his new book, Trackless Paths, the author – who ‘sold’ the only copy of his first hand-drawn comic The Adventures of Hercules and Odysseus to his mother for a meal at the age of nine – pairs a menagerie of cartoon critters with notable quotes from sages and literary figures, polishing the exercise off by offering up his own reflections on each.

read the rest of the review here. 



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